Rain Can't Ruin Wedding Thanks to Strangers

Cynthia and her husband Shannon had been watching wedding preparations from their beachfront home in Mississippi all morning. But when heavy rains along with thunder and lightning arrived, wedding guests had no choice but to sit in their vehicles and hope for the best. Cynthia knew she had to do something.

So she walked up to the bride's car, umbrella-less and soaking wet, knocked on the window and invited her to have the wedding in her home.

With a large extended family, they always keep dozens of extra chairs stashed away for get-togethers and reunions. So they set up for the wedding in 10 minutes and then escorted the bride and groom and their 50 guests into their home.

"It was a wonderful experience. The wedding party was so gracious and appreciative, and we were thankful that we could offer our home. I can say that it was the fastest wedding we have ever set up. It was the cheapest. And it was the quickest to clean up. We highly recommend impromptu weddings."


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