GOOD NEWS: Special Wheelchair Helps Man See Beach

David Thomas has always wanted to feel sand between his toes and see the waves crash into the shore, but the 36-year-old never had the chance until now. He was born with cerebral palsy and has only left his home county of Jefferson, Alabama once before, so a 250-mile trip to the beach hadn’t happened before.

But a few years back, Thomas told his best buddy, Izas Fuller, that he really wanted to go to the beach, so Fuller started working to make it happen. Some of his Facebook friends pitched in to cover the cost of renting a special motorized wheelchair for Thomas and when the rental company heard his story, they threw in two extra days with the wheelchair for free.

So Thomas has been enjoying Panama City Beach, Florida sand and salt air with friends and it really is a dream come true. And it was as good as he imagined. “I’ve never really seen anything like that before,” Thomas says.“ So, to just sit there and look at it with my own two eyes was something amazing.”

Source: CNN

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