Roles That Were Almost Burt Reynolds's

We lost Burt Reynolds on September 6th. He was 82. Although he played many memorable roles throughout the years, he also turned down quite a few big, iconic roles.

 James Bond - He was offered the role after Sean Connery retired, but turned it down saying “the public wouldn’t accept an American playing 007.” In 2015 he said “(That) was a stupid thing to say….I could’ve done it and I could’ve done it well.”

Han Solo - In 2016 he said “I just didn’t want to play that kind of role at the time. Now I regret it. I wish I would have done it.”

Richard Gere's Role in “Pretty Woman” - Why?  “Because I’m an idiot.”

Bruce Willis' Role in “Die Hard

He turned down the role of Jack Horner in “Boogie Nights” 7 times before finally accepting the part. Then he never watched the movie! He said the subject matter made him “very uncomfortable.”


Enjoy some classic outtakes from Burt and Dom!

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