Fundraiser for School Lunch Help in Utah

There will be a fundraiser at Smith at 5600 S. and 7800 W. from 6-8PM on Friday, September 14th to benefit the school lunch program at Sunset Ridge Middle School.  

This is an email we received from listener Michelle......

"My name is Michelle Wright. My daughter attends Sunset Ridge Middle School. A few weeks ago there was some confusion about lunch monies. Although she was covered the school thought that she was not and it was a mess. They ended up taking most of her lunch, leaving her with only one item. I am writing because this incident opened my eyes to the fact that this happens regularly. While I was talking to the Principle she stated that the school ends up footing the bill of $1,000 in unpaid lunch monies. 

I am going to have a fundraiser for the school at the Smiths on about 5600 south and 7800 west. Principal Kim Searle is very excited about this. It’s a large stress for her and takes money away from other educational areas. So we are raising funds for the middle school that will go directly into an account to help this situation. I want to raise enough money that no child gets even extras taken away, that no child is forced to eat an alternate lunch, that no child goes through the embarrassment of being singled out in school. The teenager years are hard enough without going through a situation that is so totally embarrassing. Imagine if we can fill this account up this will be one school were no kid eats a PB&J, regardless of the situation.

We will be having a silent auctions with items such as free Ballet lessons at En Pointe Ballet school in West Jordan, free consultation with a personal certified heath coach, free music and or song writing lessons with Mark Wilcox a local artist. A free pencil portrait from Baby Loss Pencil portraits by Dana, fun hair bows, blankets and more. All you have to do is come to Smiths and put in your bid for items wanted, highest bidder gets the item. All proceeds go directly to Sunset Ridge middle school. Thanks for anything you can do to help. I really appreciate it!!!!!!"

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