Good News: Rescuer Becomes Rescuee 18 Years Later

Following Hurricane Florence, a rural community in Virginia was left stranded by a damaged road. Bill Ford and his neighbors were trapped in their homes after the floodwaters forged a 10-foot drop in the road that runs through their neighborhood.

Ordinarily, it would have cost them roughly $10,000 to fix themselves – but after broadcasting their dilemma through local news outlets and social media, a team of contractors and engineers offered to fix the road themselves.

A team of helpers was organized by Winston Marsden. He coordinated the effort through several phone calls with Bill, but when they finally met in person, they realized that they had met before. Bill is the former deputy, and back in 2000, he answered a call about a young man who had fallen into a icy creek from his ATV. That man was Winston. Now 18 years later, Winston is grateful to be repaying the debt to his savior. “I made him a promise way back when, that I was going to do something for him, to pay him back, and this is it.”


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