GoodNews: Athlete w/ Cerebral Palsy Gets Nike Contract

Nike just signed a new athlete and he’s making headlines because he’s the first person with cerebral palsy to get the gig. Justin Gallegos is a junior at the University of Oregon and a member of the school’s running club and he was greeted with the good news at the end of a recent cross-country race.

A touching video shows Gallegos being met by a camera crew as he finishes the race and when he’s presented with the Nike contract, he breaks down in tears. He posted the video to his Instagram on Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day to announce his new role.

“This was perhaps the most emotional moment in my seven years of running," Gallegos writes. "Growing up with a disability, the thought of becoming a professional athlete is as I have said before like the thought of climbing Mt. Everest! It is definitely possible, but the odds are most definitely not in your favor!"

Justin has been working with Nike on a running shoe featuring a zipper-and-strap system that is helpful for runners with disabilities

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