GoodNews: Uplifiting Stories After CA Wildfires

The devastation in California seems to be never ending, but there are good stories like these popping up that put smiles on our faces.


A 93-year-old World War II veteran has found a new home with a couple in Northern California after wildfires forced him to evacuate his home in Paradise. Lee met Tracy while she was passing out burgers to evacuees. He had nowhere to go so she insisted he come home with her. She says she has “adopted” Lee and he can stay as long as he needs.

When a billionaire winery owner wanted to get supplies delivered to people affected by the fires, he loaded up his 142-foot yacht with water, food and other supplies. But when police told him he couldn’t ferry the goods to shore themselves, they enlisted the help of surfers and paddleboarders in the area.

Photo: Getty

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