Good News: 300 Strangers Attend Vet's Funeral

Vietnam veteran Leo Stokley died in Tennessee recently and he had no family around to attend his funeral, so a call went out to vets in the Nashville area to make sure he wouldn’t be buried alone. The response to the Facebook post asking local veterans to attend Stokley’s service was overwhelming and hundreds of people came to pay their respects.

A large crowd, estimated to be about 300, attended the U.S. Marine’s funeral. They didn’t have the chance to know Stokley, but they made sure he wouldn’t be forgotten."You start at the first of the week, nobody knows who this guy is,” explains U.S. Air Force veteran Bob Counter, “And you end up with a family of probably 300 people here, fellow veterans and friends of veterans, that sent him off in proper fashion.”

Source: WBRC


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