Holiday Tipping Guide

This list was compiled from multiple sources. Here’s the average holiday tip you should give your regular service providers.

Hairdresser: $25 - $50

Nail Salon (if you regularly use the same person): Cost of 1 session

Day Care staff: Gifts from your kids in the $10 - $20 range

In-Home child care provider: $50 - $75 per person 

School Teachers: Small gift or gift card. Avoid cash, in favor of contributing to a class gift or gift certificate.

Bus Driver: $20 - $25

Milkman: $20 - $40

Newpaper delivery: $20

Garbage collector: $20 - $30

Mail carriers: There are rules around what mail carriers can and can’t accept. Generally, they’re not allowed to accept cash tips or gifts worth more than $20. Hand-written notes and goodies are perfect here. Maybe a hat, gloves, scarf or something  you baked.

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