GoodNews: Baby and Rescuer Reunited 65 Years Later

In 1953, a Navy medic named Norm stationed in South Korea was taking a break from his work on the USS Point Cruz when he heard a cry coming from a trash can. It was a baby boy. Norm said the orphanages turned him away because he was Caucasian, so the ship’s medics decided to take care of him.  They turned the sick bay into a nursery and cared for the baby for months until then-Vice President Richard Nixon arrangee for a visa for him so he could be adopted.

After telling this story many time to his daughters, they decided to find out what happened to that baby. With some help, they found him. His name is Dan and he’s 66 now. The two were recently renited!

The story went on to be made into a movie in the 90s called "1,000 Men and a Baby," which was later renamed "Narrow Escape."



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