Good News: UPS Driver Senses Something Wrong, Finds Man on Floor

A UPS driver in North Carolina trusted his “gut feeling” and it saved an elderly customer’s life. Todd Holland has been driving for the company for 25 years and knows some of the residents along his route in Ashe County, one of the friendliest is a man in his 80s who waits for him and socializes with him when he stops to bring a package.

So when Holland delivered a box one day and it was still sitting on the man’s porch four days later, he felt like something wasn’t right. He says he called the man’s name and beat on the door and when no one responded, he tried the door, which was unlocked, so he went inside. There the driver found his customer lying on the floor, unable to move.

Holland called 911 and held the man’s hand as he waited for the ambulance and he says the grateful guy told him, “I love you.” The unnamed man told paramedics he had been on the floor for seven days, unable to get up and they told Holland he probably wouldn’t have survived another day. Now he hopes his story will inspire other delivery drivers to follow their intuition if they fear a customer could be in danger.

Source: People

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