#GoodNews: Bedtime Stories Read on Facebook by Principal For Students

Teachers and educators know it’s important to get kids reading books or have someone read to them to foster a love of reading, but one principal in Texas is taking it one step further. Every Tuesday night, Dr. Belinda George gets into her pajamas and reads to her Homer Drive Elementary School students herself and they watch at home on the school’s Facebook page.

George reads her bedtime stories on Facebook Live every week on “Tucked-In Tuesdays” at 7:30 p.m. And people are loving the first-year principal’s routine. She uses animated character voices, tells funny asides, and asks questions to get their young minds thinking. On Wednesdays, her students will tell her their favorite part of the book or that they saw her in her PJs, and some ask where to find the book in the school library.

She says she does it to keep the relationship strong between home and school, plus, she adores her students. “The bottom line is I love, love kids,” George says. “If a child feels loved, they will try. There’s no science about it.”

Source:The Washington Post

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