Most Ridiculous Police Call of 2019

Police in Kansas recently share the story of the most ridiculous police call of 2019 (so far) and we’re loving it. This is the story of the standoff between Chad and Karen.

To get the full story, complete with GIFS, go here

"So two officers get sent to a “road rage in progress” last night. Upon arrival, the first officer finds two cars in a parking lot…we’ll call the drivers Karen and Chad. The cars are facing each other in close proximity. So Karen wants out of the parking lot, Chad wants in. BOTH OF THEM ARE REFUSING TO GET OUT OF THE OTHER ONES WAY.

Literally all they have to do is back up. Nay, all ONE OF THEM has to do is back up and the other one can go. By the time we arrive, the great parking lot standoff of 2019 has been going on at least 20 minutes.

So Chad says “I got nowhere to go, I can just stay here all night.” But why, Chad? Why don’t you just move? Apparently because this is a principle issue, and because 2019.

Ok, let’s try Karen. Maybe Karen can be reasonable. Karen, could you please just back up so Chad can go? “Nope, I’m not moving. He can move.”

Karen claims she can’t back up because her vehicle is too large and she will literally crash it. Karen is driving a *mini*van. … if Karen can’t back it up, maybe Karen should refrain from driving.

Ok, listen Chad, this is really a massive waste of our time. Can you just move?

“Nope, I didn’t call you guys, she did. I’ll sit here all night if I have to.”"

The story continues here …

(Photo: Getty)

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