3 Things You Need To Know (3/6/19)

3 Things You Need To Know (3/6)

> Bountiful police say the attempted kidnapping of a teen girl at South Davis Junior High was a false report. She may face a minor misdemeanor charge in juvenile court as a result.


> A new study found that ordering dessert first might help you lose weight. Researchers monitored what people ate in a cafeteria and found that 70% of people consumed 250 fewer calories when they ordered their dessert first.


> Did you know running a gas powered lawn mower for 1 hour emits as much pollution as driving a car for 196 miles? To cut down on those emissions, the Utah Division of Air Quality is offering electric mowers and trimmers in exchange for trade in gas powered ones. Randomly selected participants who trade in their gas-powered mowers can get an electric lawn mower for $99 or a trimmer for $49.

Online random-selection sign-up period runs from March 5-15

If selected, participants will be notified by email beginning March 25, 2019

Exchange event will be held in three locations on April 27

Layton, Salt Lake City, Orem

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