3 Things You Need to Know (3/7/19)

NASA has announced their 1st all-female spacewalk. 2 female astronauts and 2 female ground flight directors will make history on March 29th. Astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch will leave the International Space Station for a 7 hour long operation that typically includes making repairs and upgrades. They'll be assisted by Mary Lawrence and Kristen Facciol at NASA's Mission Control in Houston.


Guy Is In Trouble For Going To The Gym While Under Measles Quarantine - A Wisconsin couple is in trouble over a trip to the gym in spite of a measles quarantine.

The county health department had ordered Jeff Murawski to stay home until he wasn't contagious, but instead he hid from deputies in his wife’s car and she drove him to Gold's Gym to work out anyway.

Prosecutors say the 57-year-old Murawski and his wife are now being charged. He said he left after a few minutes because he felt guilty. Murawski got stir crazy less than a week into his quarantine. Both he and his wife are due in court on the 25th.

Considering the measles outbreak going on, the hammer is going to drop on anyone who breaks quarantine.

Source: WDJT

Utah House panel rejects bill to permit higher alcohol content beer in Utah stores

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — "The effort to bring full strength beer to Utah grocers now hinges on one thing: a newly created task force that will now study increasing alcohol content."

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