3 Things You Need to Know (3/13/19)

>>>Amazon just launched it’s own skin care line and everything’s less than $15. The line includes sheet masks, neck and décolletage, as well as micellar wipes. It’s skin care made simple and quick, which is something busy women appreciate.


>>>Those Organic Snacks May Not Be Healthier Than Junk Food. Despite all the talk of organic food it does come down to the sugar being in there, in some form, and nutrients being cooked right out of the healthy treats. You can certainly eat organic foods that are healthy for you, but reading labels is a must. The lower the processing, the better the food.

Source: Life

>>> The CRADLE Act, sponsored by Utah Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Joni Ernst from Iowa, would allow new parents to fund maternity or paternity leave with their Social Security benefits.

Parents, even adoptive parents, would be permitted to take up to three months off with pay, in exchange for delaying Social Security monies when they retire for a period up to 6 months.

This new law would put no financial burden on employers.


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