3 Things You Need to Know (3/19/19)


>Shopko will close all stores nationally by mid-June. The remaining Utah stores will close by mid-May.


> For decades, doctors have recommended that healthy adults take a daily dose aspirin to help prevent cardiovascular problems, but now the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association say that’s no longer a good idea. They just released the results of a new study that showed taking aspirin daily cancause harm in some older people, and showsa link between aspirin and major hemorrhages.


>Officials say there are now "clear similarities" between the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash and the one last October in Indonesia involving the Boeing 737 MAX 8. Both planes went down shortly after takeoff. Also, according to reports, pilots flying the now-grounded 737 MAX 8 only had about an hour of training on an iPad before taking to the air. No simulators, just the iPad.


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