#GoodNews: Bullied Teen Changes Schools, Welcomed With Gift

A teen in Tennessee who was bullied in the past is learning what it’s like to feel supported and included by his new classmates. Azzy Robinson was the target of bullying before and says it made him feel like he was “worthless” and “didn’t really mean anything to anyone.”

The 15-year-old’s mom, Traci, says he became reclusive after the incidents, but fortunately, all that changed when Azzy transferred to a new school, LaVergne High School. There, his new classmates were aware of what he had been through and wanted to do something nice for Azzy, so they pitched in and put their money together to buy him a new pair of Nike sneakers.

“We got you some stuff because of how generous you are and everything you do,” a fellow student tells Azzy about the new shoes. Another classmate gave him new clothes as well and all that kindness made the teen feel pretty good. “Those tears were pure joy,” Azzy says. “Almost proud to be me for once because they wanted to do something for me like that.”

Source: Inside Edition

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