3 Things You Need to Know (4/10/19)

> Filling your gas tank can be costly, but knowing WHEN to fill up could save you a lot of money. According to the GasBuddy app, Monday is typically the best day to save money on gas, and Fridays are the worst day. HOWEVER….In Utah, Sunday is the cheapest day and it will cost you the most on Tuesday.


> Davis County thieves targeting daycare parking lots. Parents should be on alert when dropping off/picking up their kids.


> Passengers have expressed much concern lately while flying on Southwest after they read the 737 MAX safety card provided in their seat pocket. It refers to the grounded 737 Max planes and that caused many passengers to hit up social media and ask if they were on that model. One passenger questioned whether the airline had actually grounded the plane and described seeing the 737 Max 8 listed on the card as "nerve-wracking."


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