#GoodNews: Teenagers Escort Injured Elderly Home, Care for Him

5 teenage boysfrom Caldwell, Idahoare being called “hometown heroes” after they came to the rescue of an elderly man. The young men were on their way to play some basketball when they saw the man fall to the ground. Isaac Hernandez, who was driving the car the teens were in, pulled over so he and his friends could check on the man. Theyhelped him back to his feet, escorted him back to his house, and cleaned up his wounds 

Though the teens did not know it at the time, their good deed had been captured on camera by Erika Tovar. She had also been driving past the man when she saw him fall. She had turned her car around to check on him, but saw that the boys were already rushing to his side. She snapped some photos of the exchange and posted them to Facebook, praising them for their kindness.



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