3 Things You Need to Know (4/17/19)


Have you been getting calls that show the ID from Morocco or other foreign countries that ring once or twice and then stop ringing? Don’t call back or you will be charged a premium rate for the call. The scammers will try and keep you on the phone as long as possible. Some have described hearing laughter, people talking softly, a promise you won money or anything to keep you on the phone as long as possible. Several of our officers have been getting 5 to 6 of these calls a day lately. This scam has been around a few years but we have seen a sharp increase in this scam recently. (from Centerville Police Department FB page)

> American andSouthwest Airlines announced they’ll continue to cancel 737 Max 8 flights from its schedule through August 5th.


>The makers of Nabisco's Chew Chips Ahoy! have issued a voluntary recall for the cookies after a "solidified ingredient" that has reportedly sickened some customers.The voluntary recall is limited to 13-ounce packages of cookies that have a "Best When Used By Dates" of: 07SEP2019/08SEP2019/14SEP2019/15SEP2019


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