#GoodNews: Sweethearts Re-Unite Decades Later

Terry hadn't seen her high school boyfriend in three decades when one day Steve’s photo popped up while she was on LinkedIn.

The two first met in 1971 at a Catholic youth organization conference in Washington, D.C., when Steve was 16 and Terry was 14.They dated throughout high school before losing touch in 1980 after they went off to separate colleges.Both got married, but in 2009 Steve’s wife died of cancer around the same time Terry was going through a divorce.

When Steve’s photo popped up on LinkedIn in 2012, Terry was hesitant to contact him. "I just sort of looked at the picture and reminisced a little." About a month later, Steve was on LinkedIn and saw Terry’s name. He messaged her.Phone calls and emails turned into an invitation for a visit, and then a wedding - 44 years after they first met.


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