3 Things You Need to Know: April 29, 2019

> Starting next year, Utahns will only need to renew their driver's license every 8 years. That comes with a higher price tag thoguh. You’ll pay $52 instead of $32 to renew, but the per year cost remains about the same. With a good driving record, you’ll only need to visit the DMV every 16 years. (previously 4 years, then 5)


> We live in a world where drones are delivering pizzas and orders from Amazon…and now organs. At the University of Maryland Medical Center, they’ve completed the first-ever organ delivery for a transplant. The delivery went to help a patient who was suffering from kidney failure. The hope is that drone delivery can cut waiting time by 70%.


> Most Adults Should Get Second Measles Vaccine: With 700 people being quarantined and 695 confirmed active cases of the measles, new data advises adults born before 1989 should get a booster vaccine to ensure they're protected.



> Researchers say playing just a few minutes of a certain video game can help identify the earliest stages of Alzheimer's in ways medical tests can't. It’s a smartphone app called Sea Hero Quest. In the game you use your thumbs to move a little boat through a series of mazes. Researchers have found that players with a high genetic risk for Alzheimer's take less efficient routes to reach checkpoints in the game.


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