#GoodNews: High School "Alien" Production Attracts Hollywood's Attention

In a fundraising effort to jump start a drama club at their school, a group of kids in New Jersey worked for 6 months to put on a single show. They chose “Alien.” It was so good, the community begged for a 2nd show. However, the 9-person cast and 20-person crew only had the budget for 1 show.

Some video of the show was posted and their story reached Ridley Scott who ended up sending them $5,000 to put on a 2nd show. He said in a letter, “My hat comes off to all of your creativity, imagination and determination to produce such an ambitious show. Limitations often produce the best results because imagination and determination can surpass any shortfalls and determine the way forward — ALWAYS.” 

If that wasn’t enough, Sigourney Weaver showed up to the 2nd sold out performance. Then, representatives from the New York Conservatory of Dramatic arts offered each actor a $10,000 scholarship, and a $1,000 summer program scholarship to each cast and crew member.


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