3 Things You Need to Know: May 6, 2019

> Tyson Foods has expanded the recall of frozen chicken strips because they may be contaminated with pieces of metal. The initial recall from March estimated nearly 69,000 pounds of chicken had been contaminated. The new recall involves over 11 million pounds of chicken strips. The products are under a number of different brand names, including Tyson, Kirkwood, and Great Value, and have “Use By Dates” of Oct. 1, 2019 - March 7, 2020


> Experts say big action thriller movies can d be used as a kind of “cinema therapy” to treat a range of psychological disorders. Specifically, watching Superhero flicks can help you conquer your fears, improve your confidence and reduce anxiety.


> A nurse attempting to break the world record running a marathon dresssed as a nurse has been DENIED because she wasn't wearing a SKIRT.


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