#GoodNews: Trucking Company Rearranges Schedule For Their Biggest Fan

The world’s biggest dairy exporter just rearranged their entire district work schedule solely so their biggest fan could get to bed on time.

Andrew Oliver is only one of only 8 people in the world living with a rare genetic mutation called Fryns-Aftimos syndrome. Though he is 35 years old, Oliver has the mental maturity of a 6-year-old. He also suffers from 5 forms of epilepsy and a variety of other symptoms.

Andrew lives with his parents on a dairy farm and every night after dinner he waits to greet the truck that drains their milk tanks.Unfortunately, the truck doesn’t come until very late at night, and Andrew won’t go to bed until it arrives. Since Andrew’s father Ken has to wake up at sunrise to manage the dairy farm, the family struggled to manage their sleep schedule. Then, Ken’s wife suffered a stroke and he couldn’t endure the late nights any longer. He called the dairy company that picks up their milk, and told the customer service representative about his predicament.

“Surviving on three or four hours sleep, I’d just run out. I’d hit the wall and so I phoned the call center and actually started crying on the phone, I was just so shot. I just said look, my life has just become impossible….I need sleep and I can’t get sleep until this boy’s in bed.”

The company rearranged the tanker routes and schedule of the entire district so that the Oliver family was guaranteed pickup between by 8PM.


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