3 Things You Need to Know: June 5, 2019

> A cat litter company is pledging to donate up to 1 million pounds of litter to animal shelters. World's Best Cat Litter will donate 1 pound of litter every time someone posts a picture of their cat on social media along with the hashtag #giveacrap thru the month of June.


> Winning big on a game show isn’t as awesome as you may think. “Jeopardy!” Champ James Holzhauer has to hand over $1.2 million in taxes. He has to pay federal taxes, state taxes in Las Vegas (where he lives), but also another 13% to the state of California, where the show is taped, for a total of 47.6% of his winnings.


> Amazon has teamed up with makeup company L'Oréal on new technology that allows users to try on lipsticks virtually using their device’s camera. So now when you choose a lipstick on the Amazon app or website, you’ll get the option to try now.


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