#GoodNews: Chance Encounter For Woman is Her Father

A chance meeting between a 21-year-old woman and a young boy led to an emotional reunion with her father. Ileana was raised by her maternal grandparents after her mother had her at 16 and her father left. After many years of asking about her birth parents, the only thing she learned was her fathers name: Ernesto.

After years of volunteering at the nonprofit Food for the Hungry, Ileana became a staff member and traveled to various rural communities faced with poverty. In 2018 she met with a boy who had enrolled in the program. She asked him what his father name was, and he replied: “Ernesto.” She wrote her name on the boy’s arm and told him “Show this name to your father, and tell him that I’m here.” Within 30 minutes a man arrived on a bicycle and asked for her. He said, “My daughter.”

She later met her other brothers, and the whole family on her dad’s side, and now believes that, “Everything happens with a plan and a purpose.”


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