3 Things You Need to Know: June 25, 2019

> With the International Olympic Committee's decision to give the 2026 Winter Games to Milan, Italy, Salt Lake City's efforts to secure another Olympics officially shifts to 2030.


> Here’s some bad news for popcorn lovers and moviegoers – your favorite snack might be a little scarce this year. An estimated 30-40% of the country’s popcorn fields went unplanted this spring as a result of the record-breaking rains in the Midwest. Those that were planted aren’t growing well. But don’t worry, your local theater probably isn’t going to run out of popcorn… but it may be a little more pricey. Prices may reportedly rise by “10-20%” because of the shortage.


> Amazon Prime Day Is Now TWO Days - Amazon bargain hunters will be thrilled to hear this. Prime Day is set for July 15th and 16th. It also offers premium Prime customers deals on more than a million items ahead of their sale time.


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