Mummy-Like Dude Rescued from Bear's Den Where He Was Being Stored As a Mea


A man on the verge of death was miraculously rescued in the remote wilderness of Russia after he was attacked by a bear and brought to its den to be food. The man, who went missing a month ago and was only able to identify himself as Alexander, says "the bear preserved me as food for later." He also says the bear overpowered him but he survived the attack and drank his own urine to stay alive. A group of hunters with their dogs were in the nearby area when the dogs sniffed out the man.

At first, the hunters thought the man was dead because he appeared to be mummified. A video taken at the hospital shows the severity of Alexander's injuries, including rotting tissue and a broken spine. Although he appears to be dead, the doctor asks the man his name and he is able to open an eye and respond.


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