#GoodNews: Purple Heart at Goodwill is Returned to WWII Soldier's Family

Employees at a Goodwill store in Arizona came across a Purple Heart in a box of donations and have been trying to track down the family of the man who earned it. We’re happy to bring you a happy ending to that story - the man’s family has been found and they’re in the process of being reunited with the military honor.

After sharing images of the medal on social mediaand teaming up with Purple Hearts Reunited, a nonprofit that returns lost or stolen medals to veterans and military families, they found theWorld War II sailor'srelatives. 

Nick D'Amelio Jr. was a seaman second class in the US Navy who was declared missing in action on September 5, 1942. On July 10, great-nephew Doug Hanna confirmed that his family is in the process of getting it returned.


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