#GoodNews: Float Spa Giving Away Thousands of Free Treatments to Veterans

With floatation therapy emerging as a new form of treatment for PTSD, one clinic is giving away thousands of free therapy sessions.

Clinical studies have shown that float therapy in a sensory deprivation pod is an impactful alternative for treating PTSD, depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, stress, and other conditions that have been on the rise in the military community. Inside the float pod, there are no distractions such as movement, sound, light, taste, touch and smell, so areas of the brain responsible for these activities are essentially turned off. The water temperature is calibrated where the air, water and body match perfectly.

True REST Float Spa has designated the 11th day of every month as US Military Appreciation Day, and they offer free, 60-minute floats to any active-duty military member or veteran.

(Provo location: 4801 N University Ave #670, Provo, UT)



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