The Types of Parents You’ll Meet On Back-To-School Night

School is starting up again and that means back-to-school night. Here are the parents you’ll meet……

The New Parent:They’re nodding like a bobble head and taking notes faster than a court stenographer. 

The Real Housewife of your town: She’s flaunting her fresh Botox and newly enhanced….chest

The Perennial PTA President: You don’t find them, they find you.Short of hiring a hostage negotiator, there’s no way you’re leaving the building until you’ve signed up to co-chair the bake sale.

The Academic Overachiever: School just started and this parent is asking for SAT prep book recommendations. You’re in the kindergarten room.

The Green Parent:This environmentalist is here to remind you that you are killing the planet with your plastic sandwich bags and disposable water bottles. They’re asking that going forward, you wrap your child’s lunch in palm fronds.

The Entrepreneur:This parent has brought her entire inventory of essential oils, just in case.

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