#GoodNews: Struggling Lady's Overgrown Yard Gets Nasty Note, Then Cleanup

(Alabama) An anonymous person’s rude note sent to a struggling neighbor has sparked an outpouring of kindness from across the community.

Randa Ragland and her family had been facing a variety of tough challenges. Her husband had lost his job, she had been diagnosed with some health issues, and their 3-year-old autistic son had been diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. On top of all of that, she opened her mailbox to find a note from a neighbor criticizing her for the state of her lawn. The note said that her poorly maintained yard was “affecting the resale value” of their homes and that Ragland needed to “do better.”

She posted a photo of the note on Facebook to encourage her friends to have patience with their own neighbors because we never know what hardships someone might be going through. The very next day, a team of lawn care service members showed up to take care of her grass; dozens of volunteers showed up with chainsaws to clear away tree debris; and people brought groceries from the store, while others tidied up the house.


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