#GoodNews: Bullied Fan Rewared by University for His Design

Update 9/13: Guess who’s going to the University of Tennessee? The boy has now been offered admission and a 4-year ride to the school. The scholarship will cover his tuition and fees beginning Fall 2028.


UPDATE 9/10: The UT campus bookstore has already received over 16,000 pre-orders for the “College Colors” shirt.

An elementary school in Florida had a “College Colors Day” where kids could wear a shirt or jersey from their favorite college team. One boy told his teacher he wanted to wear a University of Tennessee shirt, but he didn’t have one. The teacher told him he could just wear an orange shirt to show his spirit. He showed up on College Colors Day wearing an orange shirt with a piece of paper attached to the front, where he had drawn the school logo.

He was so excited about his homemade shirt, but when he came back from lunch, he was crying.Some girls had made fun of his sign that he had attached to his shirt. His teacher said “He was DEVASTATED.” She posted the story on Facebook hoping to get him a University of Tennessee shirt. On Friday, the school announced it would be adding the boy’s design to its T-shirt line. A portion of the proceeds from each shirt will be donated to STOMP Out Bullying.


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