#GoodNews: "Send Beer Money" Sign on TV Turns In To Charity $$ - UPDATE

UPDATE: Busch caught wind of this story and said they’ll not only hook him up with a year's supply of free beer, but they’ll MATCH the donations he receives, dollar for dollar. Then Venmo jumped in and said they’ll do the same! Donations are now over 115,000!!!




As a joke, an Iowa State fan brought a sign to College GameDay asking for beer money to be sent to his Venmo account. The sign said: "Busch Light needs replenished. Venmo Carson-King-25." He lucked out and ended up in a prime spot for his sign to be shown on national TV, and the donations started rolling in. When he received about $1,000 he came up with a new plan - he decided to only keep enough money for 1 case of Busch Light, and donate the rest to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. He said, “Those kids are fighters and they deserve any chance they can get." The donations are now around $6,000. King is keeping his account open until the end of the month when he plans to donate the money in person.




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