#GoodNews: Utah Woman Giving Away Wedding Dresses

UPDATE: After we talked about this story, a manager from a hotel in Lehi called and offered to donate a 1-night stay to 3 brides who receive wedding dresses from Rebecca. Then, Pauline from Petals & Pastries in Taylorsville called and she’s donating a wedding cake to 2 brides. Another listener (who wanted to remain anonymous) is donating her unused wedding dress to Rebecca! You guys are AWESOME!

If anyone else would like to donate wedding cakes, flowers, or anything else to help out some local single moms who are getting married, send an email to: meredith@kodj.com

A Utah woman is hoping to help single moms by giving them free wedding dresses. Rebecca Rees is a single mom from Bluffdale. About 2 years ago, she bought 49 new wedding dresses with a new business in mind. The business didn’t work out, so now she has 49 wedding dresses. Realizing that other single moms might be struggling to afford their own wedding dresses, she's now offering them FREE to those who need them.

If you’re planning your big day and haven’t yet found the perfect dress, Rebecca says you can text her at 801-341-9345.


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