Idaho Man Breaks 129 Guinness World Records in 4 Years

Some people may only dream of holding at least one Guinness World Record in their lifetime. 34-year-old David Rush from Boise, ID has broken 129 records in just 4 years. He’s an MIT graduate and works full-time in the tech industry, but in his free time he breaks bizarre world records. Such as….

-- Throwing a tortilla the farthest - 54 feet, 5 inches

-- Blowing a pea the farthest in one breath - 41 feet, 3.5 inches

-- Fastest half-marathon while skipping - 2 hours, 13 minutes, 41.8 seconds

-- Longest duration of blindfolded juggling - 6 minutes, 34 seconds without dropping a ball

David says he is hoping to break at least 50 more world records in the near future, including most balloons popped in one minute by throwing chopsticks, most t-shirts worn during a half-marathon, and fastest time to drink a liter of lemon juice through a straw.

His YouTube channel is full of record-breaking videos.

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