#GoodNews: Man Uses His SUV To Block Pedestrians From Speeding Drunk Driver

Erick Marciano was stopped at a red light when he saw a car go speeding through the light, followed by police in hot pursuit. Then he saw the car make a U-turn and come barrelling back toward a crowd of pedestrians and construction workers at the intersection. He said what he did next was a heat of the moment decision.

Erick drove his SUV over the median and blocked the lane in front of the speeding car, and the car slammed into the passenger side of Erick’s SUV. Luckily, Erick wasn’t injured. Now, police are calling Erick a hero for protecting the dozen or so pedestrians.

Erick said he wasn't thinking about his own safety in the moment, and was confident his SUV could take the hit. "I didn't want him to hurt anybody….I figured, sacrificing a car was really no big deal. And that's what I did."

Police arrested the 19-year-old driver on multiple charges, including impaired driving and driving a stolen vehicle.


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