3 Things You Need to Know: November 25, 2019

> Attention coffee lovers! Starbucks Black Friday tumbler is back. When you purchase the $40 tumbler, you get free coffee or hot tea for the entire month of January. It’s available starting Tuesday, Nov 26 and will most likely sell out fast, just like last year.




Weather May Ground Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Balloons - Weather may keep the iconic balloons of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the ground Thursday.

A cold front is expected to move into the New York area this week, bringing with it high winds that could force authorities to stop the 16 balloons from flying. The city doesn't allow the balloons to lift off if there are sustained winds higher than 23 miles an hour or gusts over 34 miles an hour.




> Chuck Schumer Takes Aim At Airlines For Fees To Seat Families Together - New York Senator Chuck Schumer is taking aim at the airline industry ahead of the holiday travel season.

The problem is, nothing has beeen enacted to date, as Schumer says some families are still being forced to pay extra fees to sit together, and in some cases children as young as one-year-old have been split up anyway.



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