#GoodNews: Men Quit Jobs, Teach Kindness, Help Homeless

Back in 2016, brothersMike andNick realized they didn’t feel fulfilled in life. So they quit their jobs and decided to help the homeless of New York City. They started Blankets of Hope, a nonprofit that provides blankets to people in need.

Then, Nick’s 5th grade teacher saw a news story about them and reached out asking how to get her students involved. Soon the brothers started visiting schools and teaching kindness and empathy workshops in classrooms. They now send blankets to schools free of charge. The kids write and attach notes, and deliver the blankets to homeless shelters in their local communities. To date, they have partnered with over 150 schools in 32 states across the United States, plus schools in Canada and Mexico, and have delivered nearly 20,000 blankets each with a handwritten note.

GoFundMe - https://www.gofundme.com/f/blanketsofhope


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