#BuzzBitz: Lethal 5, Mighty Duck Reboot, Billy Joel Vandalized

> Lethal Weapon 5 is happening and Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are both on board! It’s been 30 years since the first film. The last one was in 1998.  https://bit.ly/31boKL4

> The 'Mighty Ducks' are making another comeback. The 90’s film series is getting rebooted as a TV show on Disney+ and Emilio Estevez will be back as coach Gordon Bombay. He only made a cameo in the 3rd film.  https://yhoo.it/37LSUXO

> Mick Fleetwood was recently asked by Rolling Stone if the band has reconsidered Lindsey Buckingham's status. He says their breakup with is final. https://ihr.fm/2U8dldj

> At least oneperson on Long Island isn’t a Billy Joel fan. Someone broke into his house and vandalized a dozen of his prized motorcycles. https://bit.ly/2S59xqq


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