#GoodNews: Brother Grows Long Hair For Sister, Has To Drop Out

In October 2019, 11 year old Maggie was diagnosed with Wegener’s disease, an auto immune disease that’s affecting her kidneys. She’s on chemo and dialysis, and she’s starting to lose her long, curly, red hair. That's when her 16 year old brother, Newt, stepped in. He’s growing out his hair in case Maggie needs a wig. 

Unfortunately, Newt’s principal told him he had to cut it or he couldn’t come to school. School policy for boys is that hair has to be above the ears. So he left school and made the decision to be home-schooled.

Maggie and Newt’s father said, “Listen to your kids, if they really believe in something even if it does go against the rules sometimes you just have to dig deep see if it’s really worth it or not. It’s worth it.”


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