3 Things You Need to Know: February 11, 2020

> Last May, Noah’s Event Venue filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Last week, a Utah judge converted the chapter 11 bankruptcy to a chapter 7, and ordered the company to shut down, lay off all employees and cancel all future events.

A new company ‘SLC Event Venue’ says it will honor all of Noah’s event reservations and any payments that clients have already made.



> A bill that would end Daylight Saving Time in Utah has passed a critical vote in the Utah State Senate. By a 28-1 vote, the senate voted to approve the bill that would have Utah spring ahead and stay ahead permanently. The bill faces one more vote in the Senate and, if it passes there, goes to the House for consideration.



> Most Americans Hide Bad Eating Habits From Partners

The Bottom Line:

  • 71% of Americans are making unhealthy food choices behind their partner’s back
  • 70% actually lie to their partner about their unhealthy eating habits
  • 55% have actually hidden food in their home from their partner
  • 68% of people say their S.O. negatively influences their eating habits

Source: According to a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Sabra

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