#GoodNews: Utahns Visit Mexico to Buy Insulin For Friends with Type 1

From 2012 to 2016, insulin prices have nearly doubled for Type 1 diabetics, costing over $500 a month, on average.

One Utah couple has decided to do what they can to help families get affordable insulin. Eric and Erica Threlkeld have created a non-profit called Medic(a)tion Found(a)tion. They use their own frequent flier miles and hotel points to travel to Arizona and cross the border into Mexico to a town known for its medical tourism - Los Algadones. Insulin that costs $110 in the U.S., costs about $16 there. The Threlkelds bought 36 NovoLog pens for $620.55. In the U.S., that would cost close to $4,000. They brought the pens back to Utah to a charity that helps diabetics struggling to afford insulin.

Eric and Erica are asking people to donate airline miles or hotel points so they can continue to travel to Mexico to bring back insulin.


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