#GoodNews: Fill-In at Daddy/Daughter Dance Is Heartwarming

Officer Nick Harvey works at Central Elementary School in Arkansas. He always looked forward to the annual father-daughter dance, but his girls are grown now. So, when the posters went up advertising this year’s dance, he says he felt a little sad.

Then, he got an email from the police chief, suggesting that school resource officers step in for children without fathers. Officer Harvey spoke to his school’s guidance counselor and she told him about a 2nd grader named Avery. Her father had just died on January 6th. So he spoke to Avery and her mother about taking her to the dance. Avery was very excited. Officer Harvey says “Every time I saw her at school, she’d remind me of how many days it was until the dance.” He bought a new tie to match Avery’s dress, ordered a corsage, and he and some of the dads all pitched in to get a limo to take them all to the dance.

“I know she’s not my kid, but for a couple of hours it felt like she really was. I even get to twirl her."


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