3 Things You Need to Know: March 3, 2020

> What happens if you already sent in your ballot and voted for a candidate who is no longer running? Unfortunately, you can’t ‘redo’ your vote. Your vote will still be counted. If a candidate who dropped out qualifies with 15% of the votes within congressional districts, they can still be awarded delegates. If a former candidate is awarded delegates, they can release those delegates to other candidates.

Polling stations will be open until 8 p.m. tonight. Voters can also submit ballots at any official drop-box location. It’s too late to mail ballots.



> At Least Nine Dead In Nashville Area Tornadoes - At least nine people are dead after tornadoes hit the Nashville area early this morning.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency stated the victims were: four in Putnam County, two in Nashville, two in Wilson County and one in Benton County

Nashville Fire Department officials say that as many as 40 buildings have collapsed. Many injuries are now being reported. The tornadoes touched down just after midnight while most people were sleeping.

Officials are warning residents to avoid down power lines and storm debris. They are also stressing that the full extent of damage won’t be known until later today.



> Here’s How Much You Should Be Paying Your Babysitter --Urbansitter just came out with their ninth annual childcare study, revealing the cost of babysitters across the U.S.

Based on a survey of families across 25 cities, the average babysitter rate for one child is $17.73 an hour and $20.30 for two children

Folks in Las Vegas pay the least for babysitters, while those in San Francisco pay the most. Utah spends around $14.


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