#GoodNews: Restaurant Owner's Extra Effort Makes Day For Parents of 8

Lisa West of Louisville, OH shared this message on her Facebook page.

"Last night Jon wanted to surprise me with a "date night" dinner. He ordered 2 dinners from Scratch Steakhouse and Lounge through Grub Hub. When the dinners arrived, a couple items were missing. I called the restaurant….(and) ended up speaking with the owner, Demond. He was so kind and apologetic.

Demond asked if Jon and I had been into the restaurant before. I told him no because we have eight children so it's a little hard for us to get out of the house. He proceeds to ask me where I live and tells me that he wants to not only replace our dinners but treat our entire family to dinner and says he will deliver it personally. Demond showed up at our house with 2 large bags that held enough food to feed a small army!

What Demond didn't know is that Jon and I rarely get out for a "date night" not only because we have many children but mainly because one of our 3 yr old twin girls is immunocompromised and medically complex. She requires 24/7 care and we don't have a sitter equipped to handle her needs. I am sure he also wasn't aware that I had shared difficult news with our family and friends today regarding our sweet medically complexed miracle of a daughter.

If you have the chance, stop into Scratch for dinner and/or drinks. The food is top notch incredible but, more importantly, the owner is pure gold. “


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