3 Things You Need to Know: March 11, 2020

> People are afraid to fly due to the coronavirus, and airlines are taking a big hit. Many airlines are cutting a large number of flights over the next few months.

*American Airlines: 7-8% cut in domestic flights

*Delta: up to 15% cut in domestic flights

*United Airlines: cutting 20% of flights starting in May

*JetBlue: 5% cut



> A bill that would make insulin more accessible and more affordable is now on Governor Herbert’s desk. If he signs it, the bill would require health plans to cover insulin entirely in the lowest co-pay tier, and a cap would be set at $30 per month per prescription.



> McDonald’s Super Sizes The Big Mac - You now have size options for the Big Mac. You can order it with 1, 2 or 4 patties. The 4-patty Double Big Mac tips the scales at 720 calories. The new versions hit menus today and are around for a limited time.


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