#GoodNews: "FaceTime for Nana" Helps Nursing Home Patients Stay in Touch

Most nursing homes are no longer allowing visitors due to the Coronavirus, so its difficult for senior residents to stay connected to their families.

That's why Jill and Sarah launched "FaceTime for Nana" in Massachusetts.

Sarah saw a woman standing outside the window of her mother's room at a nursing home, using a white board to communicate. She reached out Jill to see if she was interested in starting a fundraiser together to buy iPads for nursing homes so the residents could use FaceTime to chat with family and friends.

They created the page “FaceTime For Nana” on March 17 with a goal of $300 to purchase one iPad. As of March 21, they had raised nearly $5,000.

After delivering 3 iPads to one nursing home they received a message from the director: “During such a difficult time, these sweet gestures literally make the residents days. Yesterday more than 75 face time calls were made to families. The Ipad gift was a blessing.”


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